Embracing Winter

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February 22, 2014

It has been a long and snowy winter. With far fewer festivals and events taking place this time of year, it makes it that much easier to stay home.

That’s why I’m so pleased at the support our community provided to install the ice rink in the public square, and more recently the support that has expanded our winter festival, Winterloo, now in its 11th year. Last weekend, people young and old enjoyed ice carving, dog sled rides, skating, movies, a chili cook-off, and much, much more.

Waiting for the next shot from the Siskin's.

Waiting for the next shot from the Siskins, which I believe was one I was able to stop.

For the last three years, our Waterloo Siskins have challenged Council to a friendly road hockey game at Winterloo. When I was younger, I spent hours playing street hockey, strapped into goalie pads and taking endless shots from my neighbours. I’ve been thrilled to relive a little bit of that experience in these annual road hockey games with the Siskin’s, even though my glove hand isn’t as fast as it used to be.

On Family Day, my wife, Kate, and I also took part in the first Run and Putt Challenge. Tony Martin created this event to provide groups an opportunity to raise funds for their teams or causes by registering and taking pledges. I found the combination of extended cardio (running) and precision (putting) to be quite exhilarating, and I was quickly aware of how much more exercise I ought to be getting.

Organizer Tony Martin and I after facing off in the Run and Putt challenge.

Organizer Tony Martin and I after facing off in the Run and Putt challenge.

Providing people opportunities to live active, healthier lives is an important job for local government and worth the investment, especially in the colder months. If you’re looking for something new to do, or something old to start up again, there are plenty of ways to stay active in our city and I encourage you to check them out!