Jeff has accomplished a lot for Ward 6 in the last eight years, building a more inclusive and sustainable Waterloo, and he knows there is still much work to do.


Jeff knows that we must use the new inclusionary zoning tools the province gave us to write rules requiring the private sector to build more moderately priced housing as part of larger development projects. This will involve working with staff, the development industry, and our colleagues across the region to find the right balance as new moderately priced units will only be built if development is still economically viable.

He will also push the city to review its plans for city-owned lands to make sure we have a balance of both new jobs and new affordable housing when these lands are made available to other partners. While it is critical to support new jobs close to new residents, no part of the city should become out of reach for low to moderate income households.


Jeff knows we must fund a responsible and affordable plan that makes sure our children enjoy the same quality of living that our parents enjoyed. He has worked hard to make sure the city has an asset management system that can prioritize every new dollar well. He has also supported increasing the amount of new tax revenue from growth that goes to infrastructure and making changes to our reserve funds to maximize every dollar we have. Jeff knows, however, that we can’t wait for more help from Justin Trudeau or Doug Ford to get started in closing the $14-17 million dollar gap the city faces on roads, facilities, parks, and trails.


Jeff knows that how we get around is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in our region. To make sustainable transportation choices possible, he knows we must expand our all-year cycling network and build in more protection so everyone can feel safe using that network to get around. Jeff has also pushed for new green building policies at the city so it can show climate leadership by making our existing city facilities more energy efficient. He will push to fund these important changes, creating a revolving green building fund to keep pushing green house gas emissions lower.

Supporting your priorities

Jeff has spent the last eight years responding to the needs of residents across Ward 6 and across the city, and working with neighbourhood associations to find solutions to neighbourhood problems. Jeff will continue to support your priorities and work with you to address them.