Jeff has accomplished a lot for Ward 6 and Waterloo in the last four years, and he knows there is still much work to do.

Customer Service

Jeff will work hard to make sure every resident can contact city hall and receive seamless and helpful service. While the City’s website renewal and new PingStreet app have helped, there are too many occasions when reaching the right person takes far too long. This is especially true when it isn’t clear whether your issue or request is the responsibility of the Region or City Hall.


Jeff will work to develop a realistic and sustainable plan to address our enormous infrastructure challenges. Roads, water and sewage pipes, and stormwater systems built decades ago are at or past their useful life in Waterloo and across the country. Municipalities own a majority of the infrastructure in Canada but get less than 8% of tax revenue. Over the last several years, the City has secured gas tax funding and won more infrastructure funding from provincial and federal governments. In Waterloo, we’re allocating 20% of new assessment growth and 25% of any surplus funds to fixing our infrastructure. But it isn’t enough, which is why we need more investment guided by an asset management plan and informed by robust public discussion.

Rental Housing

In his first term, Jeff fought for neighbourhoods and renters through the creation and early implementation of the City’s new rental housing bylaw. At this important juncture, Jeff will work with neighbourhoods, landlords, and tenants in the upcoming rental housing by-law review, scheduled for 2016. Jeff wants to make sure we have the right balance between cost and enforcement resources to secure quality, affordable, and safe housing that meets community standards.

Affordable Housing

While the Region of Waterloo is in charge of providing subsidized housing in Waterloo, affordable housing is about much more than subsidized housing. Affordable housing means making sure that people of different means have somewhere comfortable to call home in neighbourhoods across the city.

We need more subsidized housing and more affordable housing in Waterloo. Jeff is committed to examining the options available to the City of Waterloo, and working with the Region and other stakeholders to find solutions to this difficult challenge.

Light Rail Transit

Transit in Waterloo is under the control of the Region, and city council does not have a say in the decision to build Light Rail Transit. But Jeff believes that, since LRT is happening, it needs to work, and it needs to serve the residents of Waterloo as best as possible, with as little disruption as possible. Jeff will work to make sure that the City is doing everything it needs to in order to make the most of the Region’s investment in LRT.

But the Region’s plan for transit involves much more than rail: Grand River Transit is in the midst of a multi-year redesign to replace outdated transit routes with more direct, frequent, and convenient service across the region, based on a grid system. Leveraging his experience as a dedicated transit user, Jeff will continue to take a leading role in the City of Waterloo’s input on transit service changes, to give people across Waterloo more viable and diverse transportation options.

Supporting your priorities

Jeff has spent the last four years responding to the needs of residents across Ward 6 and across the city, and working with neighbourhood associations to find solutions to neighbourhood problems. Jeff will continue to support your priorities and work with you to address them.